Music Festival

Festivals are notoriously muddy and rainy, so be sure to pack some waterproof footwear like these fun Peter Storm Wellington boots. You’ll also need a waterproof dry bag to protect your belongings if you’re camping at the festival.

If you’re going to a festival where clear bags are required, this top-rated transparent fanny pack is a stylish option that will let you breeze through security. It even comes with a separate pouch to store your sunscreen.

Festivals are super fun, but they’re also pretty sweaty and hot. Cooling towels are a non-negotiable part of music festival gear to help you feel refreshed throughout the day. Wet one and wring it out, and you’ve got an instant ice-cold towel to put on your neck or back.

A neck wallet is another essential piece of music festival gear to keep your valuables safe. They’re great for holding your phone, credit cards, and cash so you don’t have to keep them in your bag or backpack.

Pendleton blankets are rugged and stylish and come in a variety of designs. This one, however, is a little more portable since it rolls up into itself and includes a stuff sack. Plus, it meets Coachella’s size requirements and comes in a range of colors. It also makes a great gift for a fellow music lover.

Microfiber Towel

Music festivals are a great way to enjoy your favorite musicians and create some unforgettable memories. To make the most out of your music festival experience, you should bring some essential gear to ensure comfort and safety.

A microfiber towel is a music festival camping necessity. These towels are super absorbent, dry faster than regular towels, and are compact enough to easily fit in your bag. They also don’t collect damp, smelly odors like traditional towels do.

Other must-haves include portable phone chargers and a waterproof dry bag for keeping your electronics and other items safe from water or rain. You should also bring some toiletries such as deodorant, dry shampoo, and soap for washing yourself if showers aren’t available at your festival. Some people also swear by electrolytes to keep their energy up during the festival and bug spray to keep the mosquitoes away. You may also want to bring a few flashlights and glow sticks for some nighttime fun.


A pair of sunglasses is a must-have festival accessory to shield your eyes from the sun and showcase your style. Stylish frames in bold colors and unique shapes are a popular choice, especially when paired with tinted lenses or gradient effects.

For a chic look, try cat-eye sunglasses that feature embellishments and patterns to stand out from the crowd. You can also opt for a pair of trendy mirrored sunglasses to make a bold fashion statement.

Blinged-out shades are perfect for music festivals because they reflect the light from the stage and create a fun vibe in the crowd. Plus, you’ll be sure to get compliments on your shiny new shades! If you’re going for a more subtle look, choose a pair of classic aviators or wayfarers that offer a versatile design and durable materials. These sunglasses will keep your peepers protected from the bright sun while staying comfortable all day long.

Sun Protection

Festivals can get hot and sweaty, especially in crowded settings. A hat that covers your face, neck, and shoulders from the sun’s rays is a must-have item, while sunglasses keep the light off your eyes so you can focus on the music. A small hand fan does wonders for keeping you cool when navigating a large crowd or dancing in the hot sun, and it also adds a fashionable element to your outfit.

Bringing a first aid kit to treat minor injuries is another smart idea, and it’s easy to do with items like band-aids and antiseptic wipes. A bug spray helps protect you from getting bit by those pesky critters, and lip balm will keep your smile intact.

A backpack or day bag is a great option for carrying your essentials, and this vintage-inspired fanny pack adds 90s style to your look while protecting your valuables from theft with its secure zippered pocket and adjustable bungee strap around the waist. It can even be worn as a cross-body bag, and it has an insulated bottle pocket to stash ice water to stay hydrated.


Earplugs help mitigate the amount of sound that reaches the cochlea (the inner ear) to prevent hearing loss. You’ll find a variety of disposable options made from brightly colored foam in drugstores and hardware stores. For reusable options, try Loop’s earplugs, which are made from comfortably soft silicone and include four ear tips for the perfect fit. They reduce noise by up to 18 decibels and also feature a cool design.

You can also get custom earplugs that are designed for your particular ear canal and outer ear, such as musician earplugs, which preserve audio fidelity and a full dynamic range of sound. These require an impression of your ear canal and outer ear to make, and they typically last longer than over-the-counter options.

You can also bring a bandana to avoid inhaling dust, smoke, or other contaminants. This top-rated transparent version from a website is an essential part of any festival kit and will help you breeze through security with ease.

First Aid Kit

Whether you’re camping or attending as an onsite fan, a first aid kit is essential music festival gear to have on hand for those pesky cuts and scrapes. This small first-aid kit fits in a purse or backpack and includes bandaids, glycerin, ice packs, and a mirror for self-care while you’re at the festival.

For those who like to get close to the stage, earplugs are also a smart addition to your music festival gear. These earplugs reduce noise by up to 23 decibels and come with four ear tip sizes so you can find the best fit.

Don’t forget to add a water bottle and hydration pack that’s large enough so you don’t have to keep refilling it throughout the day. Check your festival’s rules for size and material restrictions, but a backpack with a water reservoir will usually be allowed. You can even get one with a see-through design if you need to pass through security without making a scene.

Comfortable Clothes

Music festivals are meant to be a place where people can express their creativity and individuality. That said, many of us want to look good while doing it – but comfort should always come first. After all, drinks will be spilled and things will get messy.

Fortunately, there are plenty of comfortable outfits available that also look great at music festivals. For example, a pair of ripped denim shorts can go with any top and provide you with the perfect festival look.

Jumpsuits are also a comfortable option that can be worn in several different styles. For example, a jumpsuit made of cotton or lace will give you the right amount of bohemian flair while remaining comfortable.

Crossbody Bag Or Backpack

Festivals have increasingly strict bag policies — many now require clear bags, so be sure to pack a small crossbody or backpack that meets the requirements. This woven drawstring backpack fits essentials like sunscreen, a face wipe, and a reusable water bottle and is made with wide straps to reduce stress on your shoulders.

A stylish fanny pack is another hands-free option, and this one has six color options for the adjustable striped strap that can be worn crossbody or around the waist. It meets the bag size requirements for different music festivals.

If chairs are allowed at the music festival you’re attending, consider bringing this low-back camping chair that folds down to the size of a water bottle and weighs less than 3.5 pounds. It also comes with a carrying bag and a power bank that charges two devices at the same time to keep you connected all day long.

Cowboy Hat

A cowboy hat is the perfect finishing touch to any country festival outfit. It protects your head from the sun and adds a cool, country-girl style. It has an exaggerated crease indent to easily take on and off. You can also snag a wool Stetson hat if you need something warmer.

The cowboy hat was first created in 1865 and has since become iconic for the Wild West era. It has a tall crown and a wide brim that provides shade. It’s often creased and rolled to keep its shape. The hat was worn by cowboys, but it can be worn by anyone who likes the style or wants to show their country’s pride. There are even a few cowboy hat rules you should know about. For example, it’s impolite to mess with someone else’s hat without permission.